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What is "horse mackerel "?

Itis ... this.
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Pixar' s next is

Disney expects to release Pixar rat film in 2007

The Walt Disney Co. expects to release Pixar Animation Studios Inc.'s film, "Ratatouille" in the summer of 2007, Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger said on Monday.

The film is about a rat that lives in a French restaurant.
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If you want to know about terms for international trade

I recommend you to reach to

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Disney buys Pixar

House of Mouse is teaming up with Pixar in a $7.4 billion deal.
Steve Jobs to become board member at Disney.


I know the relationship between Disney & Pixer had broken up few years before,
so Disney had to produce 'the chicken little' on it's own . But, finally...

I haven't known CEO of Pixar is Steven Jobs till now (hahaha!)
And this time he becomes one of the board member of Disney.

hmmm... that means hardware maker always wants attractive software,doesn't it ?

By the way , do you think Pixar is worth the $7.4 billion
that Disney will pay?
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''How can Santa come if reindeers aren't allowed in ?'"

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What is SWOT?

SWOT analysis---- evaluate things with the object of these 4 points:


For more detail, check here
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christmas book

I have found a christmas book that interests one Neiman Marcus christmas book
pls try to see from page85....
gorgeous gifts aren't they ?

How do you think what kind of person will "add (them)to the shopping bag " ?
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Proforma Invoice

"What is proforma Invoice?"

Since I talked with my husband about it yesterday,I checked it up .

Normally, we may think Proforma Invoice as quotation.

In case the import counterpart obligates import admission in advance,
the exporter sends proforma invoice to the importer in order to apply
the import admission. Such a import admission may be required in developing countries ,because their regulation for import or foreign exchange is stringent.

Since the price in proforma invoice may be different from the actual price, proforma invoice may not be accepted as documents for customs declaration.

For more detailed information, please refer here

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To Be...

I often use

TBC as To Be Confirmed

but as I checked the word in EIJIRO, my usage seems to be wrong.

TBC --- To Be Continued later.

And here are other of 'To Be 'word

TBA --- To Be Advised/To Be Announced
TBD --- To Be Determined ( I use as 'To be discussed' . Is that mistake?)
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